Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That cover again

I'm now taking my business card design and getting it ready to be turned into my homepage. Pretty much all the things on it will be roll over images/slices that will flip colors or something to catch your attention and tell you "Hey! this isn't a book cover, it's a web page. With buttons!"

So yeah. I really liked aging the book, adding scratches and what not. Except the weird foggy smudgy stuff. That photoshop brush sucks. For the edges I scanned the back of one of my Thor books, which is a Laser Tag guide book ad. I chose it because it's mostly black and that makes it easy to harvest the scratches to overlay onto my cover.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frazzeta colors

Probably the only reason I do this is because no matter what I do the pictures look awesome because I still have Frazzeta's lines in there. But it's fun anyway, and I think I learn a few things from doing these.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Hat-Trick this month

Yo! At my graduation show I was handing these out. They're little mini-comics that just suddenly became one day. Originally they were drawn on index cards folded in half. and now I got a system where I can mass produce them and the worst part is stapling. But check these out! I am so proud.

I graduated!

How about that! To prepare myself for this new school-less life ahead of me I decided to tiddy up my room and found an older sketch pad with a buncha life drawings in it from my anatomy class.
This'll probably be the neatest blog post, and the one with the most images.

Tomorrow I suppose I start the job hunt. Oh jeez. Kind of a little bit nervous about that

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drawing for my Business Card. I didn't plan ahead and think about where the titles and my contact info would go. So it gets a little crowded when I slap all that information on top of it. Maybe I'll spend more than five minutes and figure out a better solution. Might just print that stuff on the back.

Graduating in 3(2) days. Oh my! I can't wait till I got tons of free time to draw and get better at drawing. Maybe coloring too. Cause this piece is really splotchy.