Thursday, January 19, 2012

Juicy Update

[If you're getting the sleek blogger image viewer and can't see the tiny beautiful details in these drawings, right click them then choose "View Image" and it should pop up in full reading friendly resolution.]

This post is probably my biggest one yet, as in there's more than one or two pictures; some of them are colored, some I'm really proud of, and others are just there. So far it's been a productive year, if sketching a lot is productive, and I hope it stays that way. My New Years resolution is to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and so far I haven't bought any gum. I had an awesome time back home for the holidays 'cause I got hung out with friend pals I haven't hung out with in ages, and learned to play Settlers of Catan. My advice for new players is to not go for the foreboding mountains in the middle that has a 12 thinking that it will become a symbol of power and suitable capital for your wealthy empire.

Anyway, enough about me and my life. Lets look at some pictures I drew.

So awhile back I bought myself a moleskin (moleskine?) book to draw in and I like it. It fits in my pocket which I believe is the point. Another feature I like is that I can take it out to bars and stuff and have something to do when I inevitably end up sitting there with nothing to say. But I'm worried this may come of as pretentious, like "Oh, excuse me. I'm going to draw in public because I'm sooo artistic and junk." Here's some of the best doodles I got in there right now.

Yesterday I bought more index cards. I've found out I like index cards. They're just the right size for a simple drawing, maybe a large thumbnail. AND I can write notes and junk on them then lose them in the clutter on my desk. Here I believe I subliminally copied Marian Churchland when I was drawing this goblin guy. I like goblins. Oh yeah, I busted out the water colors on that last one. I'm starting to like water colors.
This next one here is the product of a moment of divine "I really wanna draw right now". Which I wish happened a lot more often. Really this drawing is all about Ganon and I think I drew two pictures in one, divided by the horizon line in this crazy warped perspective. Also I inked the whole thing with a brush, I'm starting to get comfortable with a brush. And this drawing is pretty tiny for using a brush, it's just under a foot tall so inking Link and Zelda was like defusing a bomb.
This is the best storytelling I have ever done. Plot wise, it's lacking because it's just two guys fighting. And the dialogue's pretty cut and cry. But with the panel arrangement and pacing it reads really well, and even I get disapointed when I read it because of the cliffhanger ending. This "strip" is a product of sitting around in the living room hanging out with people while I idly doodled in this notebook thing that was just laying around.