Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So among the ideas I'm kicking around for comics, this one seems the most simple and possible to pull off. It's a mindless, tasteless robo-genocide horror story about a brutal cybernetic civil war that has been going on for centuries.

In the 370th century, organic civilization has long been extinct. All that is left is the autonomous machines of WAR created by archaic civilizations of the past. Over the centuries machines have adapted themselves to rebuild, recycle, and reuse their broken soldiers. Every machine that is destroyed is salvaged and built a new and ready to enter the battlefield once more.
Whole planets have been engulfed in metallic conflict, an endless cycle of brutality and electronic savagery. These worlds are known only as WAR PLANETS.

That's the crappy epilogue I wrote. In my mind it'll be something like Transformers meets Super Jail. Where there are these two "teams" of robots battling it out in super over the top kinds of ways, and tons and tons of robots getting ripped apart and destroyed. I'm trying to keep it simple so that it is a fun book and I can spend less time writing, but I've already roughed out a back story and some loose theories on how they maintain their world and energy resources. If I end up putting those in the story I don't think I'll dwell on them too long. Something like "This is this way, because. *KABOOM*"

Another thing I'm concerned about is people "getting" the story without any human characters to identify with. It's like a story about toasters fighting each other, and getting us to relate and sympathize with a toaster. But I dunno, we'll see how this goes.

Here's some sketches of Technogore stuff.

And here's a cover I drew up pretty quick across two days. I filmed myself doing parts of this, but I had a few technical problems and didn't get the whole drawing start to finish.

Well, I uploaded it through blogger but the quality is really bad. I'll try to figure something out.

I got pretty sloppy at parts on this so I might re-do it later if this project ever gets off the ground. I'm constantly confused on how I want this to look. I want it to be kind of goofy like a lot of the sketches up above, but I'm using complicated references like Shirow for the backgrounds and lighting. And all that cross-hatchin'. That's where I really slipped up, I was really sloppy. The background was a real pain to do. I'm not at all use to doing perspective intense stuff, and most of the environments that I usually do are organic with rocks and stuff that can go any which-way. That's one exciting part of this project is that it'll force me to do things I don't usually do and I'll get better.

Colored it today and yesterday.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kirby Dots!

got a haircut from my roommate, and I decided to pay in drawings. Working on coloring it now.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Yestreday I went on a Masamune Shirow kick. Readin' comics and trying to decipher his comic techniques. One thing I really like that he does is more than one thing going on in one panel. There will be main characters in the foreground talking about story relevant stuff, and in the background there will be nameless characters talking about sports or something.

In this example the guy's the first character we see on this page turn, then he's upstaged by the main story but he still hangs around for a bit. And then he and his son are never heard from again. At least in this issue. I don't have the others.

So anyway, on my Shirow high I copied this Appleseed painting today. I think it took me 4 hours. I never really time myself but I started a little after 1:00. I went with a crow-quill nib so I could get microscopic details on this tiny little note card(got a new stack as a gift from an extra wonderful person) I drew it on. I think I got an epiphany while doing this. If you want your drawing to look real good, just kind of dab your pen around and make a bunch "artistic" dots. It's the stupidest thing but it actually works. I guess it gives things texture.

So here's the goods. Left to Right; just inks, primsacolor grey markers, photoshop colors. I almost water colored it.

and here's a size comparison.

Oh yeah, here's the original