Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Conan Copy

Did a master copy of a Savage Sword of Conan page. Original by John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga. it's from issue #40 incase y'all care.

I need more control with my inks, I get hasty and just throw down lines. More anatomy reference and lighting would be a good thing to do as well but I just hate drawing with reference, it doesn't feel like drawing it feels like copying. Not like cheating copying but like "This is what an arm should look like in that position I will draw that arm this way" instead of "I'm going to draw Conan choppin' this guy's head off! With tons'a blood!"

Juggling around reference messes up my creative flow. But I know it's something you gotta do if you want to draw something right/believable. Guess I'll just memorize what everything ever looks like.

Sorry the original scan looks like it was soaked in someone's lunch.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

figure drawings

Some figure drawings from some life drawing sessions I did a couple months ago.

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Homepage perhaps

So here's a rough mock up of what I got going on right now. I like it, but I'm a afraid it might be too much. What do you guys think?

Here  it is colored without TV-scan lines over it. P.S. I actually need to tinker around with the skyline a little, it's not done.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Premier Pulp #3

"It’s that time again! 99 pages of the internet’s premier comics magazine served up for your enjoyment, absolutely free! We’ve got a dozen comics for you this issue, and we’d wager they’re our best dozen yet! What are you waiting for? Download a copy right away!"


It's out! It's got my story "Light Reading" in it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I don't mean to brag

But I'm pretty good. I've impressed myself with this one. I didn't even plan on doing this today it just happened.

It's a drawing for what's going to become my new website homepage.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh man

I just spent a radical week of drawing and inking trying to finish this 7 page story for PremierPulp's third issue. What a learning experience and also some kind of weird hero's journey for me. There were a lot of times I just wanted to up and quit cause pages weren't turning out the way I wanted ('cause I was rushing), started not liking the story and characters, or I just didn't think I could make the deadline. But I some how pulled through and got it done. It's pretty sloppy, but that's kind of my natural inclination. BUT IT'S DONE. and that's pretty great.

Here's my favorite page, you'll have to wait for the issue to come out to read the rest. Also here's the official preview for the magazine http://premierpulp.tumblr.com/post/28396908254/premier-pulp-3-preview-power-surge

Pretty good stuff, glad I managed to scuttle my way among these other talented artists and writers.

And here's my ink swatch I used while inking, it's just a piece of paper that I poke and prod with my brush and nib to make sure I don't drop puddles of ink onto my art. I always like how these turn out even though I don't really try to do anything with them.

and here's a scary guy I drew a couple nights ago when I had a good buzz going.

and to finish on a lighter note, here's semi-biographical comic about me.

P.S. I started a tumblr thing, but it's a bunch of things I didn't do. It just a bunch of things I like to look at or resonate with me.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh What do ya do with...

Lately I've been having some strange days of self reflection, 'cause I'm trying to figure out how to grow up and be responsible without actually growing up. And after a wealth of time spent wallowing around in a rut, mulling around what it is exactly I want to do with my life, What my goals should be, What I aught to be laboring towards, What kind of demeanor I should be putting forth-ward into this world when I wake up, I've come up with a solution that is satiable to my existential wanderlust; (At least for the time being.)

I've decided I'm going to become a sailor. No, I don't intend to get on a boat and sail the seven seas. Although the novelty and romance of that notion seems quite pleasing and fulfilling, which is probably what has enticed me to this volition. It's more of a metaphorical kind of sailor. I'm not exactly sure what this metaphor entails, but it feels right. And if the shoe fits; you put it on and keep walkin'. Right? So there it is. I'm a sailor now and there's nothin' you can do about it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


A cropped peek at something I'm doing. I think it's my first all digital painting ever.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So among the ideas I'm kicking around for comics, this one seems the most simple and possible to pull off. It's a mindless, tasteless robo-genocide horror story about a brutal cybernetic civil war that has been going on for centuries.

In the 370th century, organic civilization has long been extinct. All that is left is the autonomous machines of WAR created by archaic civilizations of the past. Over the centuries machines have adapted themselves to rebuild, recycle, and reuse their broken soldiers. Every machine that is destroyed is salvaged and built a new and ready to enter the battlefield once more.
Whole planets have been engulfed in metallic conflict, an endless cycle of brutality and electronic savagery. These worlds are known only as WAR PLANETS.

That's the crappy epilogue I wrote. In my mind it'll be something like Transformers meets Super Jail. Where there are these two "teams" of robots battling it out in super over the top kinds of ways, and tons and tons of robots getting ripped apart and destroyed. I'm trying to keep it simple so that it is a fun book and I can spend less time writing, but I've already roughed out a back story and some loose theories on how they maintain their world and energy resources. If I end up putting those in the story I don't think I'll dwell on them too long. Something like "This is this way, because. *KABOOM*"

Another thing I'm concerned about is people "getting" the story without any human characters to identify with. It's like a story about toasters fighting each other, and getting us to relate and sympathize with a toaster. But I dunno, we'll see how this goes.

Here's some sketches of Technogore stuff.

And here's a cover I drew up pretty quick across two days. I filmed myself doing parts of this, but I had a few technical problems and didn't get the whole drawing start to finish.

Well, I uploaded it through blogger but the quality is really bad. I'll try to figure something out.

I got pretty sloppy at parts on this so I might re-do it later if this project ever gets off the ground. I'm constantly confused on how I want this to look. I want it to be kind of goofy like a lot of the sketches up above, but I'm using complicated references like Shirow for the backgrounds and lighting. And all that cross-hatchin'. That's where I really slipped up, I was really sloppy. The background was a real pain to do. I'm not at all use to doing perspective intense stuff, and most of the environments that I usually do are organic with rocks and stuff that can go any which-way. That's one exciting part of this project is that it'll force me to do things I don't usually do and I'll get better.

Colored it today and yesterday.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kirby Dots!

got a haircut from my roommate, and I decided to pay in drawings. Working on coloring it now.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Yestreday I went on a Masamune Shirow kick. Readin' comics and trying to decipher his comic techniques. One thing I really like that he does is more than one thing going on in one panel. There will be main characters in the foreground talking about story relevant stuff, and in the background there will be nameless characters talking about sports or something.

In this example the guy's the first character we see on this page turn, then he's upstaged by the main story but he still hangs around for a bit. And then he and his son are never heard from again. At least in this issue. I don't have the others.

So anyway, on my Shirow high I copied this Appleseed painting today. I think it took me 4 hours. I never really time myself but I started a little after 1:00. I went with a crow-quill nib so I could get microscopic details on this tiny little note card(got a new stack as a gift from an extra wonderful person) I drew it on. I think I got an epiphany while doing this. If you want your drawing to look real good, just kind of dab your pen around and make a bunch "artistic" dots. It's the stupidest thing but it actually works. I guess it gives things texture.

So here's the goods. Left to Right; just inks, primsacolor grey markers, photoshop colors. I almost water colored it.

and here's a size comparison.

Oh yeah, here's the original

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Calligrapher's Stroke of 1,000 Brushes.

Little part of an album cover I'm making for a pal. The angry guy's face is kind of messed up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just something I'm working on

I got this new project I'm working on, and it's a blast. I can't talk too much about it. But here's a drawing from some of the brainstorming I did, hastily inked over with a brush.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

zombie n' ghouls

some of the index cards littering my desk space.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I tried coloring with gradients, and it turned out. dunno if it turned out good but it's not nearly as bad as I expected it to look. I was inspired by a lot of James Stokoe's stuff, he uses gradients all over the place and it looks rad.

What I did was singled out different parts of the guy with candy colors using the paint brush, then used the magic wand to select those parts and then used the gradient tool. Pretty simple. and fun too. Especially when I'm bobbing my head to this crazy Gorillaz collaboration jam.

Also, I made a portfolio blog to apply for this comics internship (which I did way late so I didn't get in(but that's okay, cause I'm still gonna work on my stuff))

There's some neat things on there, neat old things. Things that aren't on THIS blog.

PS. am I spelling gradient right?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Remember way back, I made a post a whole year ago on how I was drawing this Thor page? It's been sitting around penciled forever and between school, other things, and being just plain lazy ( and also afraid to let a drop of ink touch the page). I finally went at it.

There's something I'm not so proud of, like the rocks and cast shadows. And I didn't exactly hit the Walt Simonson style I really wanted to go for. But all in all this is probably the best comic art I got to date. Being it's on comic board and isn't a mindless doodle extracted from an index card.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meat Can Rocket

Drew a panel from this Battle Angel Alita book I got from Goodwill. Drew it on an index card, scanned, blew up, inked, scanned, Manga Studio'd the action lines, posted on Blogger.

First time I used Manga Studio, it's nothing like Photoshop at all.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I idly drew this on a notecard when I should've been doing something important. The whole day this notecard was staring at me and yelling "finish me! finish me!"
What is it is some fanart of the reboot of Rob Liefeld's Prophet by Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, and Richard Ballerman (can't find a website???). It's a pretty sweet book and it looks like it's going to some interesting places. It's about an "Astronaut" that's been asleep underground for a real long time, that surfaces with some kind of orders and a job to do possibly 10,000 years in the future from his time. It's a strange earth with mushroom men, 6-legged carnivore goats, and feral wolves with brain parasites. It's been described as Conan in the future, which inspired my drawing. It's only 3 bucks and it's 22 pages with no ads. Best money I've spent in awhile.
Anyway, here's the finished colored drawing. What I had in mind was Conan lurking through a cave or cult temple with a luscious babe behind him. (there's boobies)

Here's just the black, which I did entirely with a brush.

and here's the notecard drawing (and some other neat ones I have laying around on my desk), that I scanned and blew up to ink the above drawing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hourly Comics Day

I didn't know this was a thing? I'm gonna start updating here so I stop spamming the Internet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Juicy Update

[If you're getting the sleek blogger image viewer and can't see the tiny beautiful details in these drawings, right click them then choose "View Image" and it should pop up in full reading friendly resolution.]

This post is probably my biggest one yet, as in there's more than one or two pictures; some of them are colored, some I'm really proud of, and others are just there. So far it's been a productive year, if sketching a lot is productive, and I hope it stays that way. My New Years resolution is to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and so far I haven't bought any gum. I had an awesome time back home for the holidays 'cause I got hung out with friend pals I haven't hung out with in ages, and learned to play Settlers of Catan. My advice for new players is to not go for the foreboding mountains in the middle that has a 12 thinking that it will become a symbol of power and suitable capital for your wealthy empire.

Anyway, enough about me and my life. Lets look at some pictures I drew.

So awhile back I bought myself a moleskin (moleskine?) book to draw in and I like it. It fits in my pocket which I believe is the point. Another feature I like is that I can take it out to bars and stuff and have something to do when I inevitably end up sitting there with nothing to say. But I'm worried this may come of as pretentious, like "Oh, excuse me. I'm going to draw in public because I'm sooo artistic and junk." Here's some of the best doodles I got in there right now.

Yesterday I bought more index cards. I've found out I like index cards. They're just the right size for a simple drawing, maybe a large thumbnail. AND I can write notes and junk on them then lose them in the clutter on my desk. Here I believe I subliminally copied Marian Churchland when I was drawing this goblin guy. I like goblins. Oh yeah, I busted out the water colors on that last one. I'm starting to like water colors.
This next one here is the product of a moment of divine "I really wanna draw right now". Which I wish happened a lot more often. Really this drawing is all about Ganon and I think I drew two pictures in one, divided by the horizon line in this crazy warped perspective. Also I inked the whole thing with a brush, I'm starting to get comfortable with a brush. And this drawing is pretty tiny for using a brush, it's just under a foot tall so inking Link and Zelda was like defusing a bomb.
This is the best storytelling I have ever done. Plot wise, it's lacking because it's just two guys fighting. And the dialogue's pretty cut and cry. But with the panel arrangement and pacing it reads really well, and even I get disapointed when I read it because of the cliffhanger ending. This "strip" is a product of sitting around in the living room hanging out with people while I idly doodled in this notebook thing that was just laying around.