Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh man

I just spent a radical week of drawing and inking trying to finish this 7 page story for PremierPulp's third issue. What a learning experience and also some kind of weird hero's journey for me. There were a lot of times I just wanted to up and quit cause pages weren't turning out the way I wanted ('cause I was rushing), started not liking the story and characters, or I just didn't think I could make the deadline. But I some how pulled through and got it done. It's pretty sloppy, but that's kind of my natural inclination. BUT IT'S DONE. and that's pretty great.

Here's my favorite page, you'll have to wait for the issue to come out to read the rest. Also here's the official preview for the magazine http://premierpulp.tumblr.com/post/28396908254/premier-pulp-3-preview-power-surge

Pretty good stuff, glad I managed to scuttle my way among these other talented artists and writers.

And here's my ink swatch I used while inking, it's just a piece of paper that I poke and prod with my brush and nib to make sure I don't drop puddles of ink onto my art. I always like how these turn out even though I don't really try to do anything with them.

and here's a scary guy I drew a couple nights ago when I had a good buzz going.

and to finish on a lighter note, here's semi-biographical comic about me.

P.S. I started a tumblr thing, but it's a bunch of things I didn't do. It just a bunch of things I like to look at or resonate with me.

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