Thursday, January 13, 2011

I ran into a car on my bike, and it fixed my handle bars.

Hey. It's 2011! I recall my mother saying it feels weird that it's 2011 because it sounds like a year from a science fiction novel, and I think I agree.

So I had a pretty good holiday season, I didn't do much but that was the plan all along. Two different friends of mine got married (not to each other), which is pretty neat but also bizarre all at the same time. Am I allowed to hang out with them anymore? I don't think bros before hoes is justified if it's their spouse. I'm just kidding, I'm happy for them. Congrats!

One thing I did do over the break was draw some Mighty Thor as a gift for my mom, I'm still working on it however, and it's kind of past Christmas... but it's coming along nicely. I've decided to show you all the bad sketches I've done that finally got me to the final composition. There's also a Jacob Brown original that I stole without him knowing.

Billions and billions of hands because I couldn't get the right vicious grasping look I wanted. I wanted it to look scary but still look like a natural way to grab at something. All for nothing too, because I ditched the first composition I decided on after looking through this Frazeta book I got and saw how he used this triangle composition a lot and decided to use it.

Thor. 'nuff said.

A doodle Jacob left at my parent's place that I kept. I think it turned out pretty neat. I ruined it by coloring it.

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