Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can't sleep so I Inked

I'm starting to put some serious effort into learning how to use nib pens and brushes. All the line work in this was done with a nib pen and I filled in blacks with a brush. It was on tracing paper over a photocopy of this pencil drawing by Walt Simonson. Yep. I'm learnin'.

I also used white out for the first time ever on anything because I smudged a lot of wet ink around with the palm of my hand and fingers on accident. And holy crap white out is a vile substance. It's really chunky and super sticky. Since it was so thick I thought I'd mix it with water but the stuff is like the anti-water and it wouldn't mix. and when I tried to clean out the dish I was mixing them in it got all over my hands and it's super sticky and clung to my body like Venom's symbiote. I'm getting me some white ink ASAP.

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